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CAN4U KIDS Online Classes Taught by Foreign Teachers Favor by Chinese Kindergartens

Since the pandemic swept the world,online education faces more challenges.

CAN4U KIDS, a professional kindergarten online English education provider in Vancouver, Canada (angel investment led by Bizfield Angel Network),entered the Chinese market in August this year, and got its first kindergarten trial class contract in 3 months, after working closely with the staff and its partner - Miku Venture. This is a good start.

On November 27th 10am,CAN4U KIDS successfully started the first online English class in Chinese private kindergartens. Via the big screen,Canadian teacher Ms. Williams gave 22 preschool students from MeiWaWa kindergarten located in Liaoning province an active English class based on self-developed textbook “CAN4U KIDS Learn Alphabet”.

Preschool students who wear CAN4U KIDS brand T-shirt read aloud with Ms. Williams.

Although Ms. Williams is on the other side of the ocean,it does not impact children’s enthusiasm and curiosity for learning English online. In the 30-minute English class, 22 students have paid close attention to Ms. Williams’ instructions and gesture and have proactively practiced spelling and pronunciation.

What makes us more pleased is not only students can follow Ms. Williams’ class rhythm, but they were always full of vigorously smiling faces. Their outstanding academic performance and learning ability had won praise, particularly from Ms. Williams. In her feedback after class, those students showed their concentration on learning, compliance with class rules, and friendly interactions; these make her feel very lucky to become a member of CAN4U KIDS teacher team.

Ms. Williams gives kids the thumbs up

MeiWaWa kindergarten also praised the quality of CAN4U KIDS online foreign teacher courses. The head teacher who participated in organizing this class said that the foreign teacher’s speech speed, teaching pace, and interaction with students have taken care of every student in the class.

Students had fun while acquiring new knowledge efficiently. In addition, the management team of kindergarten praised the professionalism demonstrated by the staff of CAN4U KIDS in the planning stage, and showed highexpectations and confidence to become a franchise unit of CAN4U KIDS.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. CAN4U KIDS will not forget original aspirations and forge ahead. CAN4U KIDS has the passion for developing the bilingual preschool education and will strive to provide online foreign language classes to Chinese students, which build foundation for the international communication in the future.

Investors who intend to invest the online kindergarten education can contact us for more information.


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