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Terms & Conditions
  • To foster collaboration and information exchange amongst individuals and institutions interested or engaged in angel investment, in Canada and globally.

  • To provide a platform for angel investors and start-up companies, especially in cross-border investing.

  • To encourage and facilitate education, communication, and understanding of the latest developments in angel investment activities 

  • To facilitate the provision of a common platform through which the angel community and start-up companies can obtain relevant market and business information necessary for high-quality cross-border deal flow

  • To adopt and promote within the angel community best practices that are consistent with the highest standards of integrity, quality, and professionalism

  • To be represented on, participate in, and liaise with relevant local, national, and international organizations

  • To cooperate and communicate with each other in order to foster the network of members in the angel community on a Canadian/global level


In order to pursue its objective, Bizfield Angel Network will establish a management team for informational, technical or administrative assistance, and to carry out common missions. At the discretion of the management team it may particularly:

  • constitute working teams for specific purposes

  • establish and update documentation and publish materials concerning areas of interest to angel investors and the network activities

  • participate in any initiative, action or grouping with an analogous or similar objective

  • and in general, take any initiative which can enable the realization of the Bizfield Angel Network’s purpose

Membership of the Angel Network
The angel network consists of individual members, family office members, and corporate members.
Individual Members

Any individual who meets required standards may apply for admission as an Individual Member. On admission, an Individual Member shall pay a membership fee as determined from time to time by Bizfield Angel Network. An Individual Member shall be entitled to all privileges and subject to the duties of a member of Bizfield Angel Network.

Membership Criteria:

  • Individuals/organizations must be an accredited investor.

  • Members should be involved in at least one investment per three years.

  • Has knowledge and experience in finance and/or business in order to be capable of evaluating the relative merits and risks of any investment.

  • Will commit to maintaining the required level of confidentiality at all times concerning: startup company data & information, investment discussions, due diligence disclosures, and individual investment commitments.

  • Is an entrepreneurially or experienced individual in a certain sector, and is willing to invest funds in, and/or contribute expertise to, startup ventures

  • Can introducing potential Angel investors to the Bizfield Angel Network

Family Office Members

Any family office managing investments and trusts may apply for admission as a Family Office Member. On admission, a Family Office Member shall pay a membership fee as determined from time to time by Bizfield Angel Network. A Family Office Member shall be entitled to all privileges, and is subject to all the duties of a member of Bizfield Angel Network.

In addition to all the criteria stated above for individual membership, a Family Office should have at least $5 million in net assets and all participating members mush be accredited investors. This class of membership provides two (2) seats at our meetings that can be attended by any accredited investors in the Family Office organization.

Corporate Members

Any company, corporation, or trust with a registered office, branch office, or presence in Canada, may apply to the Board of Directors for admission as a Corporate Member. On admission, a Corporate Member shall pay a membership fee as determined from time to time by Bizfield Angel Network. A Corporate Member shall be entitled to all privileges and subject to the duties of a member Bizfield Angel Network.

Corporate Memberships are tailored for entities that have an interest in early-stage, entrepreneurial, and angel stage companies. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Venture Capital firms

  • Investment Banks and Chartered Banks

  • Legal and accounting firms

  • Corporations

  • Trusts

  • Investment Companies


Corporate memberships are for those who intend to invest as a corporation, not an individual. This class of membership allows you two (2) seats at our meetings that can be attended by any person in the member organization.

In addition to all the criteria stated above for individual membership, a Corporate Member should have at least $5 million in assets and must ensure that the individual at the organization responsible for membership is an accredited investor, and is required to annually re-qualify for membership, including agreement to all accredited platform member qualification requirements.

Admission of Members

Every application for membership shall be made in writing, signed by the candidate and shall be in such form in English or Mandarin or otherwise approved by the Management team. All applications for membership may be approved or rejected by Bizfield Angel Network. It shall have absolute discretion in approving or rejecting any application for membership without giving any reason.

Bizfield Angel Network has absolute discretion in adopting, reviewing and amending the criteria for admission.
Membership Fees

Bizfield Angel Network is financed by the fees paid by the members, the subsidies and resources derived from its activities. Membership fees shall be set annually by the Management Team and are subject to change with 30 days notices.

Membership fees for FY 2024 (in CAD):

  1. Individual angel investors: $600 + GST

  2. Family Office membership: $1,000 + GST (includes 2 participants)

  3. Corporate members: $1,000 + GST (includes 2 participants)

This is a global access fee that allows members to attend all regular monthly meetings, all events and all member benefits listed above.

Renewal fees are due 12 months from the date of successful registration. A member has the right to resign from the Bizfield Angel Network at the end of the fee year, if they are unwilling to pay membership fees. Memberships lapse at the end of the 12-month membership year should membership fees not be paid by then.

Transfer of membership

The rights and privileges of a member shall be personal to oneself or to the entity (in the case of a Family Office or Corporate Member) and shall not be transferable by their own act or operation of law and shall cease upon death, bankruptcy, insolvency, or upon resignation or ceasing from any cause to be a member under the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.

Withdrawal of Members

Any member may withdraw from Bizfield Angel Network by sending a notice of its decision in writing to Bizfield Angel Network at least one month before the end of their membership period. Any withdrawal shall take effect at the end of the membership period, provided that the member has paid any outstanding membership fees, if applicable.

Any member failing to pay their renewal membership fees within 1 month of the payment due date shall have their membership status deemed as terminated.

Exclusion of Members

Members may be excluded from a decision taken by the Management Team on the following grounds:

  • Failure to pay the membership fee within 1 month from the payment due date

  • Non-compliance with the criteria for admission

  • Engagement in activities that are detrimental to Bizfield Angel Network objectives, purposes or reputation.

  • Non-compliance with any of the Terms and Conditions stated herein

  • Disclosure of confidential company or startup information

Bizfield Angel Network aims to provide the highest value to its members
Membership Benefits include:
  1. Access to the Canadian largest network of Angel Investors

  2. The financial benefit of diversifying your portfolio and the opportunity to earn high returns

  3. Own equity in fast-growing start-ups and get an opportunity to be a Board Member

  4. Connect with other Bizfield Angel Network members for deal co-investment and syndication

  5. Free access to Bizfield Investor Meetings

  6. Preferential access to invest in up-and-coming cross-border tech start-ups.

  7. Access to confidential angel websites such as GUST (for deal-flow, and due diligence)

  8. Member Affiliation with Canada’s National Angel Capital Organization which provides access to the exclusive, educational content of the highest quality.

  9. Gain a Peer Network and enhance your networking opportunities with other investors, corporations, and family offices

  10. Opportunity to mentor startup founders and teams.

Publicity, Promotion and Marketing Rights

Not withstanding anything to the contrary, the members agree that Bizfield Angel Network shall have the right to use their name or image, in whatever audiovisual format or media, in full and/or in excerpts, to advertise, promote and publicize Bizfield and/or its services, throughout the world by all means and media (including but not limited to social media and websites owned and/or controlled by Bizfield or one of its Affiliates).

Interpretation of the Terms & Conditions

Any question as to the interpretation of the Terms & Conditions will be left to the Management team of Bizfield Angel Network whose decision on any point shall be final.

Competent courts and applicable law

The courts of British Columbia, Canada shall have exclusive jurisdiction regarding any dispute which may arise as regards to the present and/or future Terms & Conditions and their annexes.

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