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Bizfield Angel Network

Start-up Visa Program is an approved program by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, Government of Canada). It offers permanent residence to innovative entrepreneurs to start business operations in Canada. Bizfield Angel Network is only a professional investment institution that assesses the program for an investment opportunity. We do not take any responsibility for the result, as the final decision lies within the control of IRCC.

Click here to download the application form in your preferred language: Chinese Version or English Version



Please download and fill necessary information, additionally attach the following documents (please make sure the file format is PDF, WORD or Excel) :

Additional Required Documents:

1. Business Proposal, 10-15 pages (Word, PPT or PDF format) include the following:

    • Details of the Proposed Business Plan
    • Market Demand and Solution
    • Profit Model
    • Value Proposition
    • Application of Technologies
    • Competition and Strategy
    • Company growth strategy for the next 3-5 years (estimated projection is sufficient)

2. Group Member(s) Biography and Group Member(s) Resume(s)

3. Financial Statement for the past three years (including an Income Statement)

Kindly attach the above 3 documents with a complete application form and send it

If you have more questions about entrepreneur visas,
please add WeChat or consult customer service via Whatsapp.



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