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Bizfield Angel Network is a global angel investor network based in Metro Vancouver, Canada, specializing in cross-border investing aimed at North America. We connect foreign and domestic technology start-ups to Bizfield’s angel investor members. The Bizfield group of companies provides entrepreneurs and startups with a platform to access investment capital, move to Canada on the Startup Visa, as well as variety of programs, events, and services.

Bizfield has strong angel investment knowledge, experience and connections, combined with a professional advisory team of Canadian entrepreneurship and investment experts. Our mission is to support the entrepreneur and their teams by providing the following services:
  • Business plan preparation and refinement
  • Pitch preparation and training
  • Matching venture partners to entrepreneurial projects
  • Introduction to local and global angel investors
  • Provision of due diligence services 
  • Advice and support in relocating to Canada
  • Post-investment management and advisory services
Bizfield Angel Network evaluates high-growth cross-border startups as potential investments.  We provide opportunities for quality companies to attain the investment from Canadian angel investors that enables them to successfully access Canada’s SUV program and relocate to Canada. 

Bizfield is focused on finding and partnering with outstanding start-ups in five sectors: health technology, artificial intelligence, education technology, clean-tech, and information/internet technology.
Companies need to meet the following criteria:

  • The company is interested in relocating the bulk of its business operations to Canada and has a strong business case for choosing Canada as their headquarters.

  • They should be early-stage companies that ideally have generated some revenue and have products/services that are in production, or at least in the MVP (minimum viable product) stage.

  • Their product or service needs to have the potential to be competitive on a global scale.

  • The company’s products and services should demonstrate that they have immediate and long-term competitive advantages.

  • The company has innovative technology that has been put into practical use and can provide proof of intellectual property rights.

  • The company has identified a strategic market target and can provide financial projections that demonstrate substantial revenue and sales growth.

How To Apply?

To contact us, please click here.

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