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Bizfield Innovation Contest and 2021 “Set Sail for North America” international marker contest aim to builds a platform for the cooperation between outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs and Canadian angel investment funds, as well as connections between Chinese and Canadian talents and innovative start-up projects with global potential.

While the contest facilities high-quality Chinese entrepreneurial projects’ access to the North American market, it will empower more start-ups to expand with international competitiveness.

Bizfield Angel Netwok



Bizfield Angel Network


Miku Chuangfu Vancouver

Offshore Innovation Center

Canada's UpCanada Ventures Angel Fund American GACA Global Angel Association

Four Great Competition Region

Bizfield Angel Netwok

North America

Competition Region

Northern China

Competition Region

Northeast China

Competition Region

Southern China

Competition Region


The competition targets entrepreneurial projects in the five fields:

  • Education Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Clean Technology

  • Information Technology

  • Healthcare Technology


Contest Requirement

  • Commit to establish a subsidiary in Canada within one year

  • Has a strong business case for choosing Canada as their headquarters

  • The company should demonstrate their revenue and profitability

  • Products or services need to have the potential to be competitive on a global scale   

  • The company’s products and services should demonstrate that they have immediate and long-term competitive advantages

  • The company has innovative technology that has been put into practical use and can provide proof of intellectual property rights

  • The company can provide financial projections that demonstrate strong revenue and sales growth

  • The subsidiary in Canada is valued at 3 million RMB to 10 million RMB

  • Must comply with the laws and regulations of China and Canada

Contest Guest Judge

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Tang Chuan Long

Eagles Fund Managing Partner

Sea Eagles Fund Founder

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Li Zhi Sheng

MDC Telecom

Director and CEO

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Zhang Jie

HouYi Fund Director

SanJu SunShine Director 

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Tang Xu Dong

Cretrend Capital Director

China’s Top Ten Angel Investor

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Wan Song 

Zhong Chuang Hong Xing Investment

Management Partner General Manager

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Liu Quan

Beijing United Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Member of Beijing CPPCC

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Lillian Liu
UpCanada Fund Founder

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Wang Jian

Golden Times Culture Communications Co., Ltd. Director

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Wang Tao

SIIFI Group Co.,Ltd. President

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Li Xiang

Pa Yi Holding Group Director

Zhong Guan Cun Angel Investment Association Director

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Zhang Li Qiang

Lei Feng Capital Partner

Bizfield Angel Netwok

Bai Song Tao

Eagles Fund Founder

Flying Eagle Venture Capital Director


Contest Schedule - 2021


Registration Time:January 6th – March 1st, 2021

Registration Email:  If you register via the co-organizer of each competition area, please contact the co-organizer.

Screening the applications
Screening Time:March 3rd – March 5th, 2021
Announcement of the Initial Screening Result:The contest organizing committee will screen and then announce the eligible programs entering the preliminary contest before March 6th, 2021.

Preliminary Contest
Time:March 8th – March 11th, 2021
Contest Format:Online Roadshow

Final Contest
Final Contest Time:March 16th, 2021
Locations:Vancouver, Canada · Shenyang · Beijing ·Guangzhou
Contest Format:Online or on-site format.


Announce the Short-listed Projects
Time:March 26th, 2021,Announce the short-listed projects for investment.


Due Diligence
Time:March 28th – May 30th, 2021
The committee will issue a due diligence notice for shortlisted projects and conduct due diligence. Projects that fail the due diligence review will be disqualified. The organizing committee will keep the information confidential. 


Due diligence includes but is not limited to corporate background, shareholder structure, related companies, subject information, fixed assets, intellectual property rights, operating conditions, financial conditions, industry awareness, and team information, etc.



  • To be eligible to the Canadian funding, companies that have shortlisted programs must establish subsidiaries in Canada within 1 year

  • The minimum angel round investment is $75,000 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to¥400,000 RMB;maximum angel round investment is $1,000,000 Canadian dollars,which is equivalent to¥5,000,000 RMB

  • Canadian companies that receive investment are required to participate the Bizfield Global Incubator Program

Bizfield Global Incubator Program

  • Bilingual (Chinese and English) mentorship from an experienced executive in residence

  • Training – Everything from strategy, creating a business plan, how to pitch your business, best networking practices in North America, and IPO Strategies

  • Working space – Desk space at our location in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Accessing North American angel investors and funds

  • Assisting applications for Canadian government funding

  • Connections with and access to start-up ecosystems in Vancouver and Victoria

  • Assisting in incorporating and connecting you with Canadian taxation and legal services

  • Assisting in business partner searches and providing human resources advisory services

  • Assisting company employees looking to acquire work visas and settle down


  • The contest does not charge any fees to contestants.

  • Contestants must not violate the rules of the contest. Any entrepreneurial project materials must be of high quality and be free of plagiarism and misappropriation. Failure to adhere to this will result in contestants being disqualified and their bonus will be retrieved. If the contest involves any intellectual property disputes, all responsibilities shall be borne by contestants.

  • Contestants participate in this competition on a voluntary basis. If contestants have any objections to the competition, they can contact the organizing committee office in time or opt out of the competition, but they have no right to request changes to the competition rules or compensation for any costs incurred by the competitions.

  • Contestants registration and materials will be available to the contest organizing committee and experts to review. 

  • If the competition is affected due to force majeure, the organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to the schedule or competition format.

  • The competition organizing committee reserves the right to interpret the competition rules. 

  • Additional precautions not mentioned above could be further noticed.



Contact Method 

Join the contest for more investment opportunities and financing opportunities!


Organizer Contact: Larry or Terry







Contact Number:China Region:(+86)17318046084,   North America Region:(+1)7788819308


Bizfield Angel Netwok
Bizfield Angel Netwok
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