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Start-Up Visa (SUV) and
Support of Letter

21 October, 2023

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the Canadian Startup Visa Program.
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Canadian Startup Visa Webinar

Date and Time: October 21, 2023

Time: 13:00 PM to 14:00 PM (Vancouver, Canada time)

Language: Mandarin

Event Description:
Are you interested in starting a business in Canada? How is the entrepreneurial environment in Canada?

Are you interested in expanding your business in your home country to Canada and entering the North American market?

Are you wondering about getting your ticket to immigrate to Canada through the Entrepreneur Visa Program?

Do you want to know how Bizfield selects qualified projects and invests 75,000 Canadian dollars in angel investment?

Do you want to know if your project qualifies? How can the equity structure be designed to comply with the requirements of the SUV Startup Visa Program?

If you don’t have a startup project, how do you choose a project and apply for an SUV startup visa as a co-founder?

Join us for our Start Up Visa webinar to discuss the opportunities Canada offers for foreign entrepreneurs to start a business and move to Canada. This webinar will be conducted in Mandarin.

Key Topics Include:



Suitable Participants:









What is the Start-Up Visa, abbreviated as SUV? 

It is an immigration program officially launched by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on August 1, 2013, with the involvement of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) in Canada. The program is designed to attract innovative technology and startup companies to Canada through immigration incentives to undertake entrepreneurial projects."

Bizfield's Advantage in the SUV Application?

The key to this immigration policy is that your business plan needs a Letter of Support from government-designated organizations, accompanied by comprehensive due diligence reports. This support is required before entering the immigration application phase.

Government-designated organizations fall into three categories:

Designated venture capital funds: The applying project must secure at least $200,000 CAD in investment from this fund.

Designated angel investor groups: The applying project must secure at least $75,000 CAD in investment (Bizfield can assist).

Designated business incubators: The applying project must be approved to enter the incubator's incubation program.


As a member institution of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO), Bizfield possesses extensive knowledge and experience in angel investments. Members of Bizfield Angel Network have the opportunity to invest a minimum of $75,000 CAD in eligible projects, collaborate with the angel investor organizations designated by IRCC to issue SUV support letters, and complete their entrepreneurial incubation in Canada, ultimately concluding the SUV application process.

If you have an innovative business plan and would like to apply for an investment of 75,000 Canadian dollars and a letter of support from an SUV angel investment, please send BP to

If you want to find a suitable SUV startup project, join as co-founders and immigrate, please send your personal profile to

If you are an angel investor and want to join Bizfield Angel Investment Membership, please fill out the membership application form


Foreign entrepreneurs and investors who are intereted in expanding their business to Canada and want to immigrate to Canada

SUV applicants without their own business can join a qualified startup, invest 10% of stakes as a co-founder, run a business together, and apply for Permanent Residency.

Accompanying parents in Canada want to apply for a PR Card for the whole family through the Entrepreneur Visa Program and start their own business in Canada

Anyone seeking information about Canadian Startup Visa opportunities.

Success stories

How to avoid a failed SUV application

Support letter application

Application process

Q&A Session

Entrepreneurship Visa Program 

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Don't miss the opportunity to explore the Canadian Start-Up Visa program. Register now to secure your spot!
We look forward to meeting you online on October 25th, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Pacific Time, Canada) for this informative webinar conducted in Mandarin.

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