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Bizfield Angel Network

Please Note: Start-up Visa Program approved by IRCC( Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada ) offers permanent residence to innovative entrepreneurs. Bizfield Angel Network is a professional investment institution that assesses the program for investment opportunity and will not promise the immigration result.

*I Agree to pay $250+GST as the Application Fee for the Assessment

General Information

Name of Founder:

Contact Info (Tel):

Founder’s Level of Education:

English Proficiency (IELTS):


Company Name:

Company Website (if available) :

Year of Incorporation:

Founders’ Ownership Share Percentage:

History of Raising Capital:

Business Information

Brief Introduction of the Business Model:

Business Field:

Application of Innovative Technology:

Any Intellectual Property Rights?:

(If Yes, please specify the code and the owner)

(Please Attach the Financial Statements for the Past Three Years) 


Annual Revenue:

Number of Clients:

Any Rival Commodities, please specify:

Expected Investment

Expected Investment Amount:

Proportion of Shares in Exchange for Capital:

Expected Additional Resources Contributed by Investors:

Expected English Proficiency of Investors:

Motivation for Raising Capital in Canada:

Group Information

Working Team 1 Size:

Team Member


Education Background:


Percentage of Shares:

Working Team 2 Size:

Team Member


Education Background:


Percentage of Shares:

Working Team 3 Size:

Team Member


Education Background:


Percentage of Shares:

If willing to Seek a Venture Partner:

Additional Information Required

Additional Required Documents:
1. Business Proposal, 10-15 pages, in Word, PPT or PDF format, and includes the following:

  • Details of the Proposed Business Plan

  • Market Demand and Solution

  • Profit Model

  • Value Proposition

  • Application of Technologies

  • Competition and Strategy

  • Development Projection for the next Three to Five Years


2. Group Member(s) Biography (Group Member(s) Resume(s)

3. Financial Statement for the Past Three Years (including an Income Statement)

Please Note:Bizfield Angel Network will not accept any applications if they are used for immigration purposes. This program aims to help applicants start his or her business in Canada that may bring more employment opportunities and application of innovative technologies to Canada.

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