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Questions and Answers
Q:Is Bizfield SUV Program an immigration-oriented program?

A: SUV is an immigration program operated by the Federal Government of Canada. Since Bizfield Angel Network is a professional angel investment agency and do not participate the immigration application. We only assist the Canadian government to discover more outstanding overseas entrepreneurship projects from a professional investment perspective, complete investment and issue support letters, and help outstanding foreign entrepreneurs to better operate their business in Canada.

Q:How much does the SUV program cost?

A: Bizfield will not charge any fees in the application, evaluation, and pre-screen stages; only qualified applicants who receive an invitation letter after the pre-screen that will move to the preliminary stage are required to submit $6,000 (including 5% GST) as the SUV processing fee.

Q:How long does the SUV program take?

A: It takes about 3-4 months from the receipt of the officially submitted application, the subsequent review and the issuance of a formal due diligence report, until the receipt of the support letter. The time depends on the degree of cooperation of the customer. The government‘s SUV application and related immigration procedures will take 12-16 months, depending on the official website announcement time.

Q:What steps are involved in a Bizfield SUV project?

A: Bizfield's SUV Program process is as follows:

Eng Timeline-01.png

Submission: Submission of applications and additional documents

Evaluate: The initial review process, where Bizfield evaluates the attachments received, and the business plan, and sends out an initial review request to qualified project founders.

Pre-Screen: Bizfield's pre-screen process involves a joint team of investment advisors, a 10-minute project presentation and 15minutes of Q&A time.

Pre-Due Diligence: After passing the initial pre-qualification, the investment project will proceed to a pre-due diligence phase, where members of the due diligence team will review the business plan and provide professional advice and discuss issues related to the plan.

Proposal: After pre-due diligence, a formal SUV project proposal will be prepared that will detail how the project will meet the requirements of the Government of Canada’s SUV program. The Company will pitch to local angel investors that could be interested in investing in the project.

Due Diligence: Before submission, Bizfield will organize due diligence on the project and enable a report to be issued that meets the requirements of the SUV program.

Support Letter:Bizfield supports the project until the submission of SUV application and receipt of the support letter.

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